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I've never felt happier in my life...
The universe and whatever higher powers are at work have definitely been smiling down on me lately, and I can say that all the things I wanted to happen to me have happened ever since I started college last semester. I work at the Happiest Place on Earth, and that's just amazing to think about. I know, my work is hard, and yes I do complain about it quite a bit, but just thinking that I work at the place where people dream of as children and wait for years to finally have the best vacation they've ever had, makes it all worth it. I make magic for the people, even if they don't give me that same level of respect in return.
Also, romance has worked its own magic into my life. Merely a month and a half ago, I met a boy who, I swear to God, is the genderbent version of me. He's a Disnerd... guys. a DISNERD. How many guys do you meet that are Disnerds? Strike that, how many straight guys?
We even have curly blonde hair, Granted, his is much shorter and mine is down past my shoulders, but st
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I though I should give you guess a heads up on whats happening. Life has been hectic for me recently so I havent been able to do all the changes I want to do for my accounts. But I will be changing accounts and stuff when I get round to it. Anyway enjoy a meme :P

Taken from :iconmiiroku:

1. The very first anime you watched

My first one was Shaman King back in 2007. It funny looking back now as I started off as such a what are they called? Otaku? Liking Naruto ( was was my second) and yaoi ( loveless my third) but now I feel disgusted and embarrassed that I liked that stuff. Yami No Matsuei ( 7th?) Turned that around as I loved the darkness behind that anime and Kuroshitsuji confirmed that for me. I gravitated away from shounen and Shounen ai towards a genre I would have never touched. Horror thanks to corpse party. I went to look for animes that weren't too mainstream and were normal XD Which is why I have such a mix of animes I have watched.

2. Favorite anime
Oh gosh, well I would say " Yami No Matsuei" ( Decendents Of Darkness) but I am kind of ashamed by it as it is shounen ai but I fell in love with all the cast, and the feel of the anime. 

But I will also say "Shiki" ( Corpse Daemon) as the first time I watched it I was engrossed by it all of the way and left with goosebumps, lack of sleep and that awesome feeling you get! It's one of the best animes out there!

Oh and "Corpse Party" ( even though it's not technically a anime) that was my first in depth horror and was a hell of a ride of emotions. Lost a lot of sleep to that one too but was well worth it!

"Death Note"! How can I forget about that one? It kept me on the edge of my seat all the way! 

Basically anything thats dark ( horror/ psychological/ supernatual) and gets you to think ( thriller/ mystery/ dective) with characters that have good back stories that take 6 episodes to get out and develop throughout the series. That's my main genre I sometimes flutter over to shoujo when I need a bit of happiness ( completely different I know XD) 

3. Favorite male character
Ouran HH club :Tamaki and Kyouya 
Yami No Matsuei : Hisoka
Death Note : Light
Shiki: Tohru and Seishin
To name a few XD

4. Favorite female character
Clannad : Nagisa 
Shiki: Sunako
Itazura No Kiss : Kotoko
Another: Miskai Mei 

5. Anime you're ashamed you enjoyed
Like I said earlier "Yami No Matsuei" and to keep in the genre " Sekaiichi Hatsukoi" I really enjoyed that one!

6. Anime you want to see, but haven't
There is a massive list T.T

7. Your anime crush I dont think I have one..?

8. Favorite anime couple
Nagisa x Tomoya :D and for the other side Kisa x Yukina 

9. Best villain
The best types of people XD 
Kazumi ( Corpse party) You have a very interesting way of viewing the world and I can see what you are getting at as I have seen life leave the eyes of a body but dude..your a psychopath! 

Megumi ( Shiki) Well done girl you freaked the hell out of me in episode 4! I couldn't sleep that night as my curtains are lined like Natsuno's and I though you were gonna come out from under the bed and kill me. But seriously get past the creepypasta eyes *shudder* and your just misunderstood.

10. Favorite fighting anime
Betrayal knows my name. An beautiful anime that takes your emotions for a ride.

11. Favorite mech anime
Code Geass with sexy Lelouch X)

12. Saddest scene in any anime
Oh man the ending to Shiki...Natsuno and Tohru..oh man...the feels...

13. Character you are most similar to
I'm kind of like Ritsu from Sekaiichi Hatsukoi. I'm clumsy, determined and have a hard time with understanding my emotions. I guess I would also be like Light/ Lelouch as I am constantly fighting myself in my head ,get disgusted by people thus feeling the need to change the world and can appear to be "fluffy" on the outside but I can be cynical, complicated and introverted on the inside. 

14. Anime that never gets old no matter how many times you've re-watched it.
Kuroshitsuji :)

15. Favorite animal sidekick, pet, or summoning
Sodom from Betrayal knows my name :)

16. Anime with best animation
Shiki / Clannad/ Another

17. Favorite supporting male character
Clannad: Sunohara 

18. Favorite supporting female character
Corpse Party: Seiko 

19. Most epic scene ever
The many fights between L and Light 

20. Anime character that gets on your nerves
All the Naruto cast

21. Favorite goofy anime character
Tamaki XD
22. Favorite weapon, gear, or armor used in an anime
Lelouch's Geass
23. Favorite attack someone used
tsuzuki's Shikigami are pretty cool

24. Moment that shocked you the most in any anime
In Shiki, The moment when Natsuno is corned by Megumi and Tatsumi next to the water.. and then the house scenes after that...

25. Saddest anime death
****** SPOLIERS*****

SHIKI: I was in complete tears at the end of this show, Rivers falling out of both eyes and I am really hard to get crying!
Ritsuko's death and the way Tohru stayed with her..and the way they died together....T.T and then Natsuno..seeing their bodies...oh man

Death Note: He tried so hard and got so far but in the end it didn't even matter. I cried a little for Light...

Corpse Party: Seiko's Death scene not only makes me wary of cubical toilets but I feel so bad for Naomi..

26. Best anime fight scene
I dont know...
27. Most badass scene from an anime character
Light at the end revealing he is Kira..that laugh :)

28. Favorite quote from any anime character
Quotes? I'll just say lessons I have learnt:
Kuroshitsuji Manga: Snake's saying of how a treat can become normality. I tell this meaning to people often
Shiki: Even though people may be bad, we have too look at their story as well to conclude an answer
Death Note: How power can corrupt people
Betrayal Knows My Name: If you truly love someone you will do anything for them
Corpse Party: Kazumi's sick way of killing people stays with me as I have seen the light of life leave the eyes of a body. That kind of thing stays with you..
Kuroshitsuji: Life has a meaning and you shouldnt sell it off the a daemon and also value those around you even if they annoy you as you will miss them when they have gone

29. An anime you wished was real
Oh gosh anime to be real? Don't you think it would be dangerous you know with all the big eyes and dramatic emotions? 

30. An anime you wish never ended and continued on
It would be nice if Yoko Matsushita was able to finish Yami no Matsuei :)
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